Tritton Warhead 7.1 Wireless Headset (Update)

Vorab die schlechte Nachricht: satte 230 Euro kostet das Warhead Wireless 7.1 Headset von Tritton, einer neuen Marke von MadCatz, aktuell im Online-Handel, aber genauso satt wie der Preis ist der Sound, wie wir testen konnten.

Das Wireless Headset funktionierte hervorragend und lag gut, nicht zu schwer, auf dem Kopf. Spass machte auch der satte 7.1 Surround Klang: bei dem vorgestellten Flugsimulator hörte man die Flugzeuge von hinten herannahen, so dass man Lust hatte sich umzudrehen :-)

Die Sprechfunktion haben wir in der kurzen Zeit nicht ausprobieren können – u.a. auch mangels Sprechpartner ;) – aber generell machte das Gerät nach diesem Kurztest einen guten Eindruck – wäre da nur nicht der vergleichsweise hohe Preis. Aber Qualität ist eben nicht für lau zu haben.

Nachtrag – die offizielle PR-Zusammenfassung liesst sich wie folgt:

The TRITTON Warhead 7.1 is licensed with Xbox 360.

100% True Wireless Design
– Our exclusive relationship allows TRITTON to use Microsoft’s proprietary wireless chat system. – This means that there’s no need for a cable or Bluetooth adapter for chat. The Warhead 7.1 sends chat wirelessly to the Xbox 360 console.

Full Xbox 360 Integration
– By using Microsoft’s proprietary wireless chat system, the Warhead 7.1 can send additional data to the Xbox 360 console.
– Battery charge level information is displayed on screen with a push of the Xbox Guide button.
– The user can wirelessly select the appropriate quadrant to match the controller in use.
– The Ring of Light on the base station will flash to indicate a low battery.
– Includes optical adapter for users of the Legacy Xbox 360 that connect to the TV with HDMI.?
5.8GHz Wireless technology
– The TRITTON Warhead 7.1 utilizes 5.8GHz wireless technology compared with the industry standard 2.4 GHz.
– 5.8GHz offers superior wireless performance over 2.4GHz.
– 5.8GHz is guaranteed not to interfere with the Xbox 360 wireless protocols.
– The 5.8GHz chipset used in the Warhead 7.1 provides uncompressed audio for fidelity equal to that of a wired headset.

Dual Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries
– Allows the user to charge one battery in the base station while the other is in use in the headset. When the headset battery needs to be charged, the user can simply swap the batteries and continue gaming with minimum interruption.
– Provides up to 12 hours of gaming between charges.
– Can be recharged hundreds of times.

SVM (Selectable Voice Monitoring) and why you need it
– TRITTON was the first headset brand to provide SVM (Selectable Voice Monitoring).
– This technology allows you to select the ability to hear your mic feedback through the speakers of the headset. By hearing your own voice, you know how loud you’re talking on Xbox Live. What we have learned from the community is, some people like hearing their own voice and other don’t. – Having it selectable allows us to apply to everyone.

Over Ear (circumaural) Headset Design
– he TRITTON Warhead 7.1 is designed as an “over ear” headset compared to an “on ear” headset. – – The Warhead 7.1 allows the user’s ears to rest completely inside the earcups.
– Over ear headsets offer better sound isolation and improved acoustics.